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laughing_moon's Journal

Dreams, Art, and the Creative Process

Laughing Moon
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You have stumbled upon Laughing Moon, a community for discussions about things pertaining to dreams and/or nightmares and the way in which they inform the creative process. What do we mean by "creative process"? We're referring to the birthing of some form of art by an individual or individuals (whether famous, infamous, or struggling artistes/relative unknowns such as ourselves; i.e. literature, music, poetry, painting, or any other type of creative pursuit) that is in some way influenced by dreams and/or those flashes of inspiration that come from the subconscious mind, or what Japanese author Kobo Abe rightly refers to as "waking dreams" in his essay collection Warautsuki; lit. "Laughing Moon."

All open-minded individuals with an interest in dreams/dreaming/the subconscious are encouraged to participate in this forum. The more diverse the community, the more interesting the discussions will be!

May each and every one of you have glorious, terrifying, inspiring dreams. Welcome (back?) to Laughing Moon.